• Each piece of our car rental portfolio can be considered a special offer because all our cars have several advantageous features. Thus, some have an extremely low fuel consumption such as for example Chevrolet Spark or Citroen C1 and others are highly stylish and practical, such as for example Renault Fluence and Skoda Octavia. But to choose the best car for your needs please consult our entire car rental fleet.

Special Offers
Sunday 10 Dec 2023
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What can our rent a car service help you

What can our car rental service help you

Our car rental agency offers rental vehicles covering various customer needs. Here are some situations in which you can use with confidence our car rental service.

If you have any problems with the car, is in service for emergency repairs and you need a car to perform activities in the shortest time, renting a car is an ideal solution for a convenient price. You can rent the same car you own, so you will not have problems with the accommodation. In addition, our car rental company provides cars in very good condition from a technical standpoint, with all the papers and insurance up to date. If you own a car that is not listed in our offer, you can get a car from the same class with the same displacement and the same space according to your needs.

Thus, the city car category, we offer the solution Citroen C1 for rent with a consumption urban / extra-urban / combined of 5.5 - 3.9 to 4.5 l/100 km. It is a car that doesn’t amazes with the horsepower number, but you can squeeze through the traffic with ease and will register a low consumption, perhaps lower than the car you own. Like the Citroen C1, you can rent and other cars in its class such as the Chevrolet Spark.

If you need more space to take children to school or if you need a spacious trunk than the above models, sedans are recommended. In this way, you can rent from our car rental agency as Logan models with a 1.4-cc engine that consumes the city, he averaged 9.6 percent of 100 km. If you aren’t  a fan of the domestic brand, substitutes for Logan cars are Fiat Albea, Skoda Fabia, Chevrolet Aveo, Hyundai Accent, Renault Megane and Skoda Octavia. Depends solely on your preferences what type of car suits sedan class. We assure the availability of the models and the fact that you will use in the best technical conditions.

If you need even more space for luggage, our car rental agency offers for rent the Dacia Duster 4x2 or 4x4 wheel drive, if you have to travel through a difficult road. Unlike other SUV cars that you can rent, Duster has the advantage of a good price: 40 euros per day for up to a week, 35 euros for a maximum of 2 weeks and 30 euro for a period of over 2 weeks.

Since  we already set some rates, we inform you that the price of renting aLoganranges from 20-18 depending on the period for which you want to use. Citroen C1’s price is also included between 20 and 18 euros, while a Ford Focus or Renault Megane’s price is between 27 and 22 euros.




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Offer of the Month

Rent a Car

Kia Ceed                                     From 22€/day

Renault Fluence                           From 25€/day

Chevrolet Aveo                           From 21€/day

Skoda Fabia                                 From 20€/day