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Tuesday 07 Dec 2021
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Renault Clio 3, another high quality car from our rent a car fleet

Renault Clio 3

The new generation of the Clio III impresses the materials used, giving it more quality. It is no doubt a change into better, that attracted specialists assessments of the automotive world. Indeed, Clio 3 is a more refined car offering improved driving experience. Unlike previous versions, Clio is bigger and stronger, giving him a german aura. Maintaining their advantages in terms of price and maintenance costs, Clio is and will be an important player on the long-sized hatchback market.

We can not neglect the car's sporty appearance, attracting mainly young customers. Thefacilities included in the standard package and the optional Clio can turn into a complete car in terms of appearance, comfort and utility interior at an affordable price.Engines varies, depending on customer preferences. Most common engines are the 1.2 cc 16V, petrol and 1.5 cc diesel.For the most demanding, you can choose 1.4 or 1.6 cc engine, 110 bhp.

A good advertising does the EURO NCAP test results, one of the most recognized safety car testing while an accident. At overall, Clio 3 received 5-star maximum score that can be achieved, representing from this point of view a significant improvement over previous versions. By category, Clio achieved a percentage of 88% for adult safety, 89% to child safety and 66% for pedestrian safety.

If we made ??you curious about the new Clio we will offer the opportunity to rent it from us. If you are the owner of an older model and want to convince yourself about the improvements. Also, if you consider buying such a model in the near future, you might rent it for the period you need to make your own review. Our Clio is equipped with an engine of 1.2 cc, Petrol, 75 bhp, consumption fuel in the urban / extraurba / mixed areas is 7.6 - 4.9 - 5.9 liters per 100 km. Boot capacity is 228 liters, like the other versions and other models in its class, yet you can store two suitcases if you want to travel around the country for various purposes. Itcan be rented at a price of 23 euros per day for one week of use, 21 euros for 2 weeks and for a longer period, 20 euros.

In conclusion, Renault has paid special attention to the new generation of Clio, making it a fearsome competitor to other cars in its class.Comments received from experts and those outstanding safety results make up the presenting card of the new Clio 3.If you want to satisfy the curiosity regarding the model, or if you plan to purchase it in the near future and want to test it for a while, our rent a car company provides the model at good prices. Do not hesitate to test the new Clio model.

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