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Sunday 10 Dec 2023
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Regulations for the rent a car activity

Regulations for the car rental activity

Car rental activity is legally framed because of the law no. 38/2000 on transportation regarding taxi and rented cars. We present some fencing about the activities you might  perform after renting a car.

Carrying passengers for rent is defined as the transport carried out with a car made available to a customer based on lease for consideration, with or without driver, charged per day of the performance prepayed on the basis of the document. (Article 6, point (y)).

According to Article 4, paragraph 2 of the above mentioned  law, transporting persons for rent is part of the public service under the Ministry of Transport and Romanian Road Authority. Moreover, the carrier for rent has a special legal status and is defined as a legal entity authorized under Government Emergency Ordinance no. 44/1997 regarding road transport.

The cost of transporting persons with a rented car is determined in accordance with art. 5 (2), the fare is calculated by distance and / or time or according to the duration of the car rental contract. Payment for transport service is made based on special fiscal documents, in accordance with the tenancy agreement with the carrier.

Very important to remember that it is forbidden the activity of taxi transportation using a rental car. Transport activities with rented cars is strictly forbidden to use radio transceiver stations or charging devices. The customer will have to bear if he rents the car without a driver to all costs related to fuel, road taxes and parking taxes. When performing the transport, on the board of the car must be: the transport license, tax document justificatory mode of the payment of the entire transportation, the contract between operator and client. Company must  ensure to the client vehicles with a valid registration certificate and under the term of the technical inspection.

The car rental company is obliged to provide the customer with a car in running proper technique of performing a decent transport, having auto insurance valid during the rental agreement.

As a means of recognition, the vehicle must present both at the windshield and along the rear window, a badge with the words "Rent a Car" surcharge provided by the Romanian Road Authority, while granting the license to the vehicle.

Car rental activity in Romania should be embedded in a legal framework to clearly establish the rules of the game, as economists would say. These regulations help both operators and and potential clients to know his rights and obligations. Our car rental company considers very important that our future clients are fully informed about the regulations of our activity. Besides exposure to these laws, please go to "Terms and conditions" to document the conditions that you need to fulfill to rent a car. Exposure to all these conditions and legal regulations can only lead to a successful collaboration.

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