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Wednesday 27 Oct 2021
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Dacia Logan, the most popular Romanian car present also in our rent a car offer

Dacia Logan

The Romanian constructor located in Pitesti, Dacia,  was taken over in 1999 by Renault, one of the most popular car brands in Europe. So, Romanian hopes were turned to French investments that will make the plant to produce new models so the car would reach the quality standards of other European competitors. After years of investment in upgrading and after much debate about the design of new models, on September 2, 2004, at the Paris Motor Show was unveiled the new sedan Dacia named Logan.

No expert from the automotive world has not believed in the significance that this car apparently modest, will have on average priced saloons sales not only in Romania, but also throughout Europe.In 2007, reported sales of Dacia Logan indicated a number 230 473 cars, of which 128. 411 were exported. Logan has become one of the most widespread car in Romania, price and availability for its practicality were the main advantages that have convinced hundreds of thousands of customers purchase it.

Logan does not impress with a sporty design and engine line to arouse interest of horsepower enthusiasts. For the Dacia Logan car driver a car is a necessity for his everyday activities. If you have to carry luggage shopping for family, or to have enough room for 2-3 suitcases of clothes when you go on a vacation, he will know that Logan is the right machine, and for all these activities he’s paying a minimum price for fuel consumption and its maintenance.

If you own a Logan, which now is being repaired and you need a car for a short period for your continously activities, our rent a car agency provides a model for the 1.4 cc, Petrol, 75 BHP with an  urban/ extraurban / mixed consumption of 9.6 -5.4 - 7.0 liters per 100 kilometers, at the price of 20 euros per day for 7 days, 19 euros for 14 days and 18 euros for a longer period of 14 days.

This sedan has great demand abroad also, and France's Renault has sought to take advantage of the price of this machine, in association with other manufacturers to produce and deliver Logan along other major markets in the world. Thus, besides the factory in Pitesti, Dacia is produced in Morocco at the factory in Marrakesh, and other plants in India, Iran, South Africa, Brazil and Colombia. In Brazil, the car can be found as the Renault Logan, in Mexico as the Nissan Aprio and in India as the Mahindra Renault Logan.

Dacia Logan is one of the most popular cars to be rented in the country. We hope that you can accomplish your daily activities successfully using this machine.

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