• Each piece of our car rental portfolio can be considered a special offer because all our cars have several advantageous features. Thus, some have an extremely low fuel consumption such as for example Chevrolet Spark or Citroen C1 and others are highly stylish and practical, such as for example Renault Fluence and Skoda Octavia. But to choose the best car for your needs please consult our entire car rental fleet.

Special Offers
Sunday 10 Dec 2023
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Citroen c1, a mini from our rent a car fleet

Citroen C1

Citroen C1 is representative car for the "City Cars" class. The model assembled in the factory in Kolin, Czech Republic, has a length of 3.43 m, a height of 1.46 m and a width of 1.63 meters,  fitting ideally in the small car category, whose purpose is to move from one point to another in crowded big cities of the world.

Citroen C1 was first presented in 2005 at the Geneva auto show, model makers showing sales  of 117,000 units sold worldwide, in 2009, while in 2010 there were 105,000 models sold.Citroen C1 has only two engines from which you may choose: 1.0 12V petrol, 67 bhp, 158 km / h top speed, while the second variant is the 1.4 cc diesel, 54 bhp, top speed of 154 km / h. Each engine variant is incorporated in both 3-door model also in the 5 door model.

Surprisingly for an unimpressive car, Citroen C1 received good results at Euro NCAP safety tests. Thus, the French model received 4 out of 5 stars adult protection, 4 of 5 stars for child protection and only 2 stars for pedestrian protection.

As I said, Citroën C1 is a city car, easy to handle and slipped it through traffic in the morning while you go to work. Another advantage of the size of this machine is that you do not need a big space so you can park, and as you know, lack of parking is a global problem, more so in Romania. Advantages of such using this type of vehicle in everyday professional activity are evident, moreover, fuel consumption is very low compared to any other family sedan.

If you want to be convinced of the advantages of a car from this class, compared with a conventional sedan, you can rent from our rent a car company the Citroen C1. We put at your disposal the 1.0 cc, Petrol, Manual gearbox 5-speed, 68 hp model, consumption urban / extra-urban / combined of 5.5 - 3.9 to 4.5 l per 100 km. The cost of renting the car is 20 euros per day for a maximum of one week, 19 euros per day for a maximum of 2 weeks and 18 euros for more than 14 days.

You can call with confidence on this car to move out, at low costs, if you have a problem with your own car or if you have to relocate for a period of time for business or personal reasons. Or, as I said, you can even rent it out of curiosity to test the benefits of a reduced dimensioned car in a city with an infernal traffic. Experts estimate that the automotive world the city car class will have a share increasingly larger to solve parking issues and harm in the atmosphere stifling cities. Most City Cars of the future will be hybrid or 100% electric models.




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